ghost ladyGood morning my darklings.  The cigarette is burning and the coffee is in my mug beside me and I’ve been up since 3 am.  I wake up all throughout the night but eventually I give up and just stay awake.  Last night I was awake for what I’m going to call, for now, an oddity.

I was fully awake when this happened.  And I know I normally lean towards the side of the supernatural anyway.  It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been watching tons of horror movies lately.  But last night, next to where I sleep, I heard scratching noises in the wall.  Three times and all three happened between 3 and 4 am.  Then stopped.  I haven’t heard it since.

Now just in case you don’t know, 3 am is meant by darker beings to be an insult to God as well as doing things in threes.  Supposedly Jesus was nailed to the cross at 3 pm and doing things in threes is an insult to the Trinity.  Father, the son and the Holy Ghost.

Is there something else trying to get in my house like another ghost?  An animal?  I don’t know.  These sounds were very clear to me over the sound of the television.  But you can bet I’ll be up at 3 am tomorrow to see if it happens again.