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Late Night Oddity

ghost ladyGood morning my darklings.  The cigarette is burning and the coffee is in my mug beside me and I’ve been up since 3 am.  I wake up all throughout the night but eventually I give up and just stay awake.  Last night I was awake for what I’m going to call, for now, an oddity.

I was fully awake when this happened.  And I know I normally lean towards the side of the supernatural anyway.  It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been watching tons of horror movies lately.  But last night, next to where I sleep, I heard scratching noises in the wall.  Three times and all three happened between 3 and 4 am.  Then stopped.  I haven’t heard it since.

Now just in case you don’t know, 3 am is meant by darker beings to be an insult to God as well as doing things in threes.  Supposedly Jesus was nailed to the cross at 3 pm and doing things in threes is an insult to the Trinity.  Father, the son and the Holy Ghost.

Is there something else trying to get in my house like another ghost?  An animal?  I don’t know.  These sounds were very clear to me over the sound of the television.  But you can bet I’ll be up at 3 am tomorrow to see if it happens again.


Dreaming All Night

dreamwitchGood morning my darklings.  I’ve been dreaming all night.  So much so that I remember them and the feelings I got from them.  Maybe I’ve been editing too much and my brain needs some expression but I think there’s more to it than that this time.

I was a solitary eclectic witch for a long time and I stopped practicing to make other people happy.  But in one of the dreams there was a tapestry and an artist trying to show me how to clean it and the mistakes.  How to make it better.  It wasn’t mine, it was old but it could be improved on.

When we got to the last section, it was black and orange and inside was the picture of a witch.  Underneath the picture were the words Unfairly Caged.  I know sometimes a dream is just a dream but from the yearning feeling I had and the excited feeling my dream self had exclaiming, “This is me!  This is my patch!”, I think it had more meaning than that.  Maybe it was a message.

Maybe the reason things have been so very tough lately is because I’m turning my back on what comes naturally to me.  Writing comes that way and I don’t have any problem with that.  Not one dream last night involved my writing.

I don’t know.  I’ll have to think about it I guess.  If you have the inkling and feel like leaving a comment, let me know what you think.  Are there messages in dreams in your opinion?  Was there a message for me in that one?  Am I making my life harder by not following my inclinations?  Should I take a tiny break from editing?  Just enough to get something started and ready to jump into when the last of the editing is done?