dancing fairyGood morning my lovely and handsome darklings.  You may be asking yourself, “What is coming soon?”  Well I’m very happy to say that I believe it’s my book.  I’m almost done my final run through with the editing and best of all, my publisher sent me a picture of what the cover of my book will look like.  I don’t think I’m supposed to share it yet.  So that will have to wait.  But, even more than signing the contract, seeing the cover with the title and my name beneath it made the fact that my first book is going to be published even more real.

I know some of you may already know what that feels like.  But for me, this is brand new.  Everything else I’ve had published has either been in magazines or anthologies.  I’m not a featured writer.  I am the writer.  So this is big.  🙂

When I get the release date, I’ll do the Snoopy Dance.  And I can’t dance.  Between us, I have the coordination of a drunken…I don’t know, something clumsy. lol

I have to admit though, it’s making me kind of nervous.  Suppose no one likes it and I get a list of bad reviews.  That’s just nerves, right?  Something every writer goes through before their book comes out?  I don’t know but I’ll just enjoy this now and each little thing that follows and worry about the rest later.