ballerinaGood morning my darklings.  We must come together.  Pray to God, God or Goddess, Mother Nature, Jack Frost or any deity you choose and let’s stop the snow.  I would take it as a personal favor.  Really.  This is getting out of control.  My kids will be going to school into July at this point.  Even if you are someone who loves the snow, you must be getting tired of it by now.

And it’s really getting in the way of my editing.  Aside from shoveling feet of snow and ice, if I hear “Mommy can you play with me” one more time, I may lose what’s left of my mind.  I have to do an excellent job on my editing and it’s not my best thing.  Having my attention torn between that, the kids and a very pent-up big dog, things are going very slowly.  At this point slow is bad.  I want this book published about, umm, right now. lol  I’ve been working on it and waiting for this to happen for too long for things to get thrown off track by a bad winter.

So say a little prayer for me if you don’t mind.  I’d appreciate it. 🙂  My back would too.  I’m getting pretty tired of shoveling too. lol