impatient witchGood morning my darklings.  I may be a little off this morning.  There’s no coffee.  At least I have a fresh pack of cigarettes.  I suppose if I had any gumption and it was that important, I could go buy a coffee but not even my caffeine addiction can get me out in that cold until I absolutely have to go.

So, as the title says, I’m impatiently waiting.  For a couple of things.  One, warmer weather.  The threat of snow and ice and constant freezing temperatures has got my creativity on lock down.  It doesn’t help all the days of school my kids have missed.  Entertaining them kind takes away from my ability to write anything entertaining.

Secondly, I’m waiting on the first set of edits of my book.  I’ve been told that when the edits start coming it’s a fast a furious kind of thing.  That my publishers will want them back yesterday.  But I’m ready for my book to be completely done and have a release date.  I’m ready for it to be out there so people can read it.  I want to hear what they have to say about it, even if it’s bad.  I’m hoping for good but one of my favorite sayings is to hope for the best and expect the worst.

So now I wait and that’s pretty much what’s been going on.  That and obsessively checking my emails. lol