angel roseGood morning my lovely and handsome darklings.  The dreams have gotten worse.  Now the seem real.    I know I’m dreaming but I can’t wake up from them.  I stood in front of the coffee pot this morning waiting for the last drops to brew through thinking on them, the dreams that is, not the coffee drops.  I wondered if some spells I’ve been doing for a friend are coming back to haunt me.   They aren’t bad spells.  I don’t do evil but the person I’m putting the spells on has serious back up.

I think I might have a night hag trailing my sleep.  The back up this person has is the real deal.  Now I won’t give up on my friend and helping her.  I’m a Taurus and we’re very loyal.  But it is quite unpleasant to be trapped in a dream, trying to move, trying to wake yourself up but nothing works.  No screams in the dream translate to the waking world.  There is no help but to fight through it, to overpower the hag.

On the upside I’m getting some good stuff for writing. lol  You gotta take the good with the bad.  We went to a medium yesterday and he pretty much confirmed all the things I said, except for the night hag  or retribution I might be facing.  I didn’t get a reading myself.  Though I probably should have.  I wonder what spirit would have come through for me.  What advice I may have been given.

I think it may be time for a cleansing.  I have the sage bundle.  We’ll see.  The hubs, as regular readers know, is anti-witchcraft, so it will have to be done when he’s not home.   Maybe today while he’s at work.  Maybe not.  I think I’ll try some other things first and a I’m not ready to give up on defending my friend or battling the hag.  I’ve been beating her so far.  Let’s see how long I can go.