pink fairyGood morning my darklings.  I’ve found the answer to my sleeping situation: sleeping pills.  I slept almost all the way through last night and there was not one nightmare that I can remember.  Snoopy dance on that one. 🙂

Now once the morning cleaning is done, I can probably write without issue and gather the stuff I need for the few spells I’ve decided to do.  Mostly just wish spells but since the Blood Moon is also known as the Shedding Moon, I have one special spell to do for a friend to get rid of someone.  This is not an evil spell.  Just one to get someone to go away.  I don’t do evil.  I have enough bad luck in my life, I don’t need to add anything bad to my Karma level.

So now I can prepare for Halloween.  Write again.  And maybe keep up on the blogging which I’m terrible at doing.  I either do a blog a day or nothing at all for weeks at a time.  I’m all or nothing.  It’s very hard to find a happy medium.  But with sleep, I could maybe work on that too.  🙂