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angel roseGood morning my lovely and handsome darklings.  The dreams have gotten worse.  Now the seem real.    I know I’m dreaming but I can’t wake up from them.  I stood in front of the coffee pot this morning waiting for the last drops to brew through thinking on them, the dreams that is, not the coffee drops.  I wondered if some spells I’ve been doing for a friend are coming back to haunt me.   They aren’t bad spells.  I don’t do evil but the person I’m putting the spells on has serious back up.

I think I might have a night hag trailing my sleep.  The back up this person has is the real deal.  Now I won’t give up on my friend and helping her.  I’m a Taurus and we’re very loyal.  But it is quite unpleasant to be trapped in a dream, trying to move, trying to wake yourself up but nothing works.  No screams in the dream translate to the waking world.  There is no help but to fight through it, to overpower the hag.

On the upside I’m getting some good stuff for writing. lol  You gotta take the good with the bad.  We went to a medium yesterday and he pretty much confirmed all the things I said, except for the night hag  or retribution I might be facing.  I didn’t get a reading myself.  Though I probably should have.  I wonder what spirit would have come through for me.  What advice I may have been given.

I think it may be time for a cleansing.  I have the sage bundle.  We’ll see.  The hubs, as regular readers know, is anti-witchcraft, so it will have to be done when he’s not home.   Maybe today while he’s at work.  Maybe not.  I think I’ll try some other things first and a I’m not ready to give up on defending my friend or battling the hag.  I’ve been beating her so far.  Let’s see how long I can go.


And the Answer Is…

pink fairyGood morning my darklings.  I’ve found the answer to my sleeping situation: sleeping pills.  I slept almost all the way through last night and there was not one nightmare that I can remember.  Snoopy dance on that one. 🙂

Now once the morning cleaning is done, I can probably write without issue and gather the stuff I need for the few spells I’ve decided to do.  Mostly just wish spells but since the Blood Moon is also known as the Shedding Moon, I have one special spell to do for a friend to get rid of someone.  This is not an evil spell.  Just one to get someone to go away.  I don’t do evil.  I have enough bad luck in my life, I don’t need to add anything bad to my Karma level.

So now I can prepare for Halloween.  Write again.  And maybe keep up on the blogging which I’m terrible at doing.  I either do a blog a day or nothing at all for weeks at a time.  I’m all or nothing.  It’s very hard to find a happy medium.  But with sleep, I could maybe work on that too.  🙂

Nightmares Following Me

witch and devilGood morning my lovelies.  I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like but what little sleep I do get now has been troubled by nightmares following me.  I’m not sure why, maybe stress, maybe I’m too excited that Halloween is almost here and my mind is getting carried away, but I’ve been exhausted; literally waking up every few hours at most.

So here I am another night of bad dreams behind me and looking forward to another ahead of me.  I have been working on one of my books a particular lot and it’s a horror story.  That could be doing it.

The thing about horror books and movies is that I don’t want to be just scared by blood and guts.  I want to put the book down and feel disturbed, like something just isn’t right around me.  And that’s what I’m trying to write.  I want the reader to feel fear and keep feeling it for a little while after.  Or maybe have to read the book in pieces because it’s too much at once to take in.

I may be asking too much of myself for that but if it’s freaking me out to write, I can only hope that it will scare the crap out of someone else.  🙂

And naturally since it’s so close to Samhain, I’m feeling extra witchy and am spending time deciding what spells I want to do.  As a solitary, I’ll be celebrating alone but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the possibilities of the holiday and the Blood Moon we’re having this month.   So I think I’ll go on this way and dredge through my nightmares for something good to put in my book.

I’m Back

purpe flameGood morning my darklings.  I know it’s been a while and I’m not really supposed to be doing anything yet but I feel like I haven’t written or blogged in forever.  So here I am.  I haven’t even done anymore that three spells.  Two were for a friend but one was a desperate spell for me.

I was sent home from the hospital and the pain pills from the surgery weren’t really cutting it, but through the blinds one night I woke up and saw the waxing moon.  That’s the moon that you use to end things or have things begin to fade away.  And I didn’t do so much as a spell as a prayer to help the pain end.  And I do believe she heard me because the pain slowly went away and I was able to go back to sleep.

And if I don’t start writing soon, my head is going to explode.  You can think of a lot of good and very bad ideas when you’re trapped on the sofa or in the bed. lol  So I’ve made a decision that I’m going to get back into things.  Slowly at first, I guess.  But it’s got to be done.  So today after I clean, another thing I’m not supposed to do but didn’t miss 🙂 , I’m going to write a little.  And it’s all starting with this blog. 🙂