castingGood morning my gothlings.  I want to tell you today about what I consider to be a coven of writers that I am a part.  We made a mass exodus together from a bad situation that like all bad things seems to keep turning up like a bad penny.

Some of these writers are published, some not and some are in the process but they’re all awesome people who keep me writing in the dark times when my Muse is dreaming her dreams.  That’s when we’re all there for each other to keep dreaming and chasing our dreams.

We all have strong common bonds and like the magic of a coven, we all can come together to defend and support our own.  I would have given up completely, I think.  I’m so glad to be a part of our small but talented and powerful group.  And with each success one has, I couldn’t be more proud than if I’d done it myself.

I’m going to keep my solitaire witchcraft but for my dream of writing, nothing would keep me away from this group of immensely determined people.  I hope they all know this is about them and how much their friendships mean to me.