cauldron witchGood morning my darklings, gothlings and witchlings.  Before I start this post, I realized yesterday that I’d forgotten something.  My blog’s two year anniversary has come and gone and I didn’t take the time to say thank you to my followers.  I appreciate you reading the things I rattle away about.  So thank you.

Now to what I was going to write about.  Fall is coming.  You can feel it in the air in the morning before the sun burns it away.  You can taste and smell as some people have lit a fire or are burning leaves in their yards.  You can see it in the first few leaves that are turning yellow or read and hear it as you crunch through the dried brown leaves that didn’t have the strength to hold on any longer.  This is my time of the year.

I do hate to give up the summer thunderstorms though.  But it’s been a pretty dry summer and not many storms have rolled up the bay or the coast.  I suppose that’s why some of those leaves couldn’t hold on to their branches for a full Autumn explosion.

But beyond all of that is Halloween, my favorite holiday.  I think it’s part of my excitement that’s gotten me and my Muse inspired to try a book two and finish it this time.  I’d love to be done the writing, I know I won’t be done the editing, by Halloween.  I actually just thought of a way to use the day in my book. 🙂  I do love this time of year.