horned fairyGood morning my lovely darklings.  Sleep keeps avoiding me again which can be a real bother but this isn’t right now.  It’s a natural form of happy magic that comes when you’re writing and your brain is so active with ideas and you just have to write.

I’ve trained myself to write at night so I can take care of regular life during the day.  I can write during the day but only in chunks because there’s always something to interrupt me, like dishes or, lately, because of doctor’s appointments.  So I spend the time I’m not writing half in this world and half in my world.

Every writer, witch or not, knows that’s another type of happy magic.  Writing isn’t easy but we’re so lucky to be able to have another place to escape to where things are all our own creation, just like magic. 🙂

Of course, I also have a little chatterbox who is awake for some reason and is making even this blog take forever to write so until she falls back to sleep there will be no working on my book.  It will just have to wait.  So maybe I’ll go back to that half in-half out world and try to wait her out.  🙂