muse visitGood morning darklings.  I’m happy to announce that the dry spell is over.  For the last couple of months my imagination has been as barren as the moon to the point that blogging came to an almost halt and writing was just not happening.

But the other night I woke up with an idea.  A first line.  The supposed hardest thing to come up with in writing (except queries of a knock your socks off synopsis).  My muse has not forgotten me.  The words are flowing now and the storyline is growing.

It might have something to do with the kids going back to school.  Maybe my muse knew I really didn’t have time with them home.  Not that  I have time anyway but as long as writing feels as good as it does now, I don’t care about the reason.  I love how it feels when you’re writing and you know it’s good. 🙂  And you just can’t get that with kids calling you every 30 seconds. But I’m ready now.