star trekGood morning my darklings.  My son has made a discovery and seems to be like me.  First it was the horror movies and now he’s found Star Trek.  And he loves it.  Now I’m not a super Trekie.  I don’t dress up like a Romulan or anything.  But I have very fond memories of watching the old Star Trek with family and seeing each new movie as it came out in theatres.  We’d spend Sundays watching the movies from the first to whichever sequel they were on.

I still get choked up when Spock goes into the chamber to absorb all the radiation from a reactor and tells Kirk, “I have been and always shall be your friend.”  Even though I know he’s going to come back and let’s not even the funeral.

Maybe he’ll be a writer and I can help him with all the things about the process and getting published that I had or have, because there are still some.  Who knows?  But it was nice to spend Sunday watching the new Star Trek movie with my kids like my parents did with my brother and me.