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The Jitters

swinging vampireGood morning my darklings.  I have the jitters this morning and it’s not from too much coffee or too little nicotine.  Tomorrow I have to go for surgery so this post is mostly to explain why I might not be posting for a while.  This time it won’t be because I have nothing to say or no time to say what I do.  I’ll have a real excuse and can even produce a doctor’s note. 🙂

So I’m obviously not looking forward to this but it has to be done.  I’m not big on hospitals or staying in them.  I guess no one is, really.  Anyway maybe this will give me some time to write and not feel guilty about it.

Wish me luck. 🙂


This Special Day

supermoon witchGood morning my lovely witchlings.  It’s that day of the year.  Another Friday the 13th.  I’m as superstitious as the next person but I don’t think this is an unlucky day.  There are lots of reasons people give about this being a bad day and expect bad things to happen.  But once upon a time the reason was that there are 13 witches in a full coven.  That isn’t exactly true either.  I’ve heard of covens with many more witches than that.

But this blog is about giving a new spin of this date.  What you put out in the universe is what comes back to you.  I expect good things today.  Maybe I’ll hear from my publisher today or have the ultimate day of writing.  Perhaps I’ll buy the winning lottery ticket.  Who knows?  It would be cool if that one happened. lol

So give the day a chance.  It could just be like any other day but if you look for bad luck, it will find you.

A Coven of Writers

castingGood morning my gothlings.  I want to tell you today about what I consider to be a coven of writers that I am a part.  We made a mass exodus together from a bad situation that like all bad things seems to keep turning up like a bad penny.

Some of these writers are published, some not and some are in the process but they’re all awesome people who keep me writing in the dark times when my Muse is dreaming her dreams.  That’s when we’re all there for each other to keep dreaming and chasing our dreams.

We all have strong common bonds and like the magic of a coven, we all can come together to defend and support our own.  I would have given up completely, I think.  I’m so glad to be a part of our small but talented and powerful group.  And with each success one has, I couldn’t be more proud than if I’d done it myself.

I’m going to keep my solitaire witchcraft but for my dream of writing, nothing would keep me away from this group of immensely determined people.  I hope they all know this is about them and how much their friendships mean to me.

The Great Pumpkin Is On His Way

cauldron witchGood morning my darklings, gothlings and witchlings.  Before I start this post, I realized yesterday that I’d forgotten something.  My blog’s two year anniversary has come and gone and I didn’t take the time to say thank you to my followers.  I appreciate you reading the things I rattle away about.  So thank you.

Now to what I was going to write about.  Fall is coming.  You can feel it in the air in the morning before the sun burns it away.  You can taste and smell as some people have lit a fire or are burning leaves in their yards.  You can see it in the first few leaves that are turning yellow or read and hear it as you crunch through the dried brown leaves that didn’t have the strength to hold on any longer.  This is my time of the year.

I do hate to give up the summer thunderstorms though.  But it’s been a pretty dry summer and not many storms have rolled up the bay or the coast.  I suppose that’s why some of those leaves couldn’t hold on to their branches for a full Autumn explosion.

But beyond all of that is Halloween, my favorite holiday.  I think it’s part of my excitement that’s gotten me and my Muse inspired to try a book two and finish it this time.  I’d love to be done the writing, I know I won’t be done the editing, by Halloween.  I actually just thought of a way to use the day in my book. 🙂  I do love this time of year.

Happy Magic

horned fairyGood morning my lovely darklings.  Sleep keeps avoiding me again which can be a real bother but this isn’t right now.  It’s a natural form of happy magic that comes when you’re writing and your brain is so active with ideas and you just have to write.

I’ve trained myself to write at night so I can take care of regular life during the day.  I can write during the day but only in chunks because there’s always something to interrupt me, like dishes or, lately, because of doctor’s appointments.  So I spend the time I’m not writing half in this world and half in my world.

Every writer, witch or not, knows that’s another type of happy magic.  Writing isn’t easy but we’re so lucky to be able to have another place to escape to where things are all our own creation, just like magic. 🙂

Of course, I also have a little chatterbox who is awake for some reason and is making even this blog take forever to write so until she falls back to sleep there will be no working on my book.  It will just have to wait.  So maybe I’ll go back to that half in-half out world and try to wait her out.  🙂


The Dry Spell Is Over

muse visitGood morning darklings.  I’m happy to announce that the dry spell is over.  For the last couple of months my imagination has been as barren as the moon to the point that blogging came to an almost halt and writing was just not happening.

But the other night I woke up with an idea.  A first line.  The supposed hardest thing to come up with in writing (except queries of a knock your socks off synopsis).  My muse has not forgotten me.  The words are flowing now and the storyline is growing.

It might have something to do with the kids going back to school.  Maybe my muse knew I really didn’t have time with them home.  Not that  I have time anyway but as long as writing feels as good as it does now, I don’t care about the reason.  I love how it feels when you’re writing and you know it’s good. 🙂  And you just can’t get that with kids calling you every 30 seconds. But I’m ready now.




star trekGood morning my darklings.  My son has made a discovery and seems to be like me.  First it was the horror movies and now he’s found Star Trek.  And he loves it.  Now I’m not a super Trekie.  I don’t dress up like a Romulan or anything.  But I have very fond memories of watching the old Star Trek with family and seeing each new movie as it came out in theatres.  We’d spend Sundays watching the movies from the first to whichever sequel they were on.

I still get choked up when Spock goes into the chamber to absorb all the radiation from a reactor and tells Kirk, “I have been and always shall be your friend.”  Even though I know he’s going to come back and let’s not even the funeral.

Maybe he’ll be a writer and I can help him with all the things about the process and getting published that I had or have, because there are still some.  Who knows?  But it was nice to spend Sunday watching the new Star Trek movie with my kids like my parents did with my brother and me.