sleeping fairyGood morning darklings.  There may be some typos in here.  I’ve been up all night writing.  I know I said I wanted to focus more on the writing while I’m waiting for responses but I didn’t intend for it to mean I’d stay up all night doing it.

It’s my own fault.  There was a post in a group I’m in about a publisher taking manuscripts so I was forced to look at it, just to see.  Maybe one more sub before I called the break official.   I didn’t think they’d be interested in my book but they had a section for open call subs for anthologies.  I love writing short stories, especially dark, morbid ones.

It’s has to be about carnivals which I find kind of creepy to begin with and they do have clowns.  I think it’s something I can really work with.  Last night it started.  The brain started churning.  My imagination went wild when I closed my eyes.

Now I’m tired.  Very, very tired.  And I don’t have a finished story to show for it yet.  But I figure that I’ll obsess until I churn that out today to submit. 🙂