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School Starts Today

summer fairyGood morning my darklings.  I’ve been awake with excitement because school starts today!  Six whole hours of freedom Monday through Friday.  Thank goodness.  The things I’ll be able to get done.  The writing, the blogging, the witchcraft, the cleaning without it being immediately destroyed behind me.

Once I get the house under control from the summer onslaught, I’ll be able to write to my heart’s content.  Without breaking up fights, finding stuff for bored kids to do or try to be imaginative through endless cartoons. 🙂  I’m so excited.  The book bags and lunches are packed; ready to go.

I can go to the store without an entourage and the incessant “can we get” questions.

I can rebuild my alter and concentrate enough to give the proper focus.  That’s hard when half of you is trying to pray to the Goddess about something and the other half of your brain is listening to SpongeBob.

There will be no tears this year from me.  My youngest knows the drill now and my oldest is prepped.  Those in between just have to deal with summer coming to a close, though I have to keep explaining it’s not the end of summer but of summer vacation. lol  Now it’s time to get me ready to drop everybody off.  Even though I’m early but I can wait a few more hours. 🙂


I Need A Maid

pink fairyGood morning darklings.  I openly admit that I am über lazy.  It’s a Taurus trait that I have in spades.  So I am may be a good writer but I’m a horrendous house cleaner.  That wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t a housewife. lol  And until there’s some writing payoff, that’s all I have to offer.  I’ve spent my insomnia looking around at maid services hoping to find an affordable one.

The upside would be great.  I could write more, the cleaning in between visits would be easier and quicker and my husband would be much happier with me.  The downside will be getting my husband to go along with it and spend the money on a maid when that’s basically part of what I’m supposed to do.

But I hate doing it so much and with all the kids nothing ever stays clean.  And he’s not what you’d call supportive of my writing so I have to make sure I don’t mention that as part of my reasoning.  I could really use the time to do it though.  I’m working on a horror novel that’s gone stale because there’s never any time for it and I feel guilty when I take time away from what I should be doing.  And there’s an anthology that I want to write a short story for.

I could take sleeping pills at night instead of spending it up all night debating if I should write, what I should write and if I should just lay there and plead some greater power to let me sleep.  Then when I got up and got the kids to school it would be simple to clean up, do some laundry and find time to write without getting in trouble.

Maybe there’s some sort of spell I could do.  Minus the Mickey Mouse scene with the flooding and the mops and brooms.

Up All Night

sleeping fairyGood morning darklings.  There may be some typos in here.  I’ve been up all night writing.  I know I said I wanted to focus more on the writing while I’m waiting for responses but I didn’t intend for it to mean I’d stay up all night doing it.

It’s my own fault.  There was a post in a group I’m in about a publisher taking manuscripts so I was forced to look at it, just to see.  Maybe one more sub before I called the break official.   I didn’t think they’d be interested in my book but they had a section for open call subs for anthologies.  I love writing short stories, especially dark, morbid ones.

It’s has to be about carnivals which I find kind of creepy to begin with and they do have clowns.  I think it’s something I can really work with.  Last night it started.  The brain started churning.  My imagination went wild when I closed my eyes.

Now I’m tired.  Very, very tired.  And I don’t have a finished story to show for it yet.  But I figure that I’ll obsess until I churn that out today to submit. 🙂