summer fairyGood morning my darklings.  I hope everyone’s summer is going well and you’re getting to do all the things you want to do.  All I really want to do is keep my house from looking like a disaster area, write and maybe, if I’m feeling brave, strap on the bathing suit to go swimming with the kids.

Unfortunately the kids are the problem in this occasion.  They are destroyers of neatness and clean so everyday while they spend half of it in school, I’m starting all over with the cleaning and by the time I’m done with that my writing time is gone because they’re home and ready for the pool.  It’s an unending circle of the disaster of my house.  If I was writing about a harried housewife, I’d be getting some serious insight but unfortunately I’m not. lol

It’s very difficult to let my mind sink into my fantasy world when they’re all running around begging for the pool or a movie (one great reprieve due to Verizon) or there’s a giant mess growing around me that I know is my responsibility to get rid of.

But what do you do when all you can think of is what you’re writing?  You clean quicker, take the kids out and keep writing in your head until you can get to your computer.  You keep writing at terrible hours until your eyes burn for sleep and you start dozing at the keyboard.

I’m not sure what the rest of you do but that’s my advice.  Writing can’t be denied.  I can hold off for a while but eventually I have got to get it out before I go more insane or forget where I was going with the scene in my head.  Basically you find a way to get your summertime writing in and wait for the school year to begin again. 🙂