evil witchGood morning my darklings.  I’ve told you before that I’m shy.  The thought of going out to eat or the movies, basically anywhere you would normally go with another person, is just about beyond me.  But my husband hates horror movies and refuses to go with me to see them.  I wanted to see The Conjuring so badly that I actually went by myself.

I went expecting to be really scared, hopefully terrified and ready for nightmares.  The movie was good.  It had scary parts.  The storyline was believable.  But I was let down.  I’d read and been told that it was the scariest thing people had seen.  I did not jump once while alone in the dark theatre with some really nasty stuff on a huge screen going on in front of me.

But really I guess for someone less horror movie jaded than me, I would have been really scary and like I said it was good.  And I got out of the house and away from the kids for some free time doing something I like so that alone makes the $21 I spent worthwhile. lol

And where there’s a movie like this, somewhere there’s the book and I’m sure it will be much scarier.  The Exorcist was.  That’s about where I’d rank The Conjuring, but I’m a writer not a movie critic, right? 🙂