pirate witchGood morning darklings.  The other day a few writers I know posted about why they decided to take this path that is difficult and pretty addictive once you start doing it and it made me think about why I picked to do the same thing.

First, I have always been shy and books let me live out adventures and lives that I could never have so I always had a book with me, devoured them and got excited over a new book the way other kids got excited over a new video game.  Yes, I’m that old. lol  Then one day a book I was reading ended badly and I thought I could have written it better.  That started happening a lot.  So I got out the typewriter, yup told you I was that old, and started writing my first short story.  It was apparent that I was going to be a fantasy writer if I was going to do it at all since it was about magic and unicorns.  I was young then and girls like those things.  At least I did until I discovered vampires and real magic. 🙂

I started writing more and for as long as I can remember, all I’ve ever wanted to do was be a writer.  I started college for nursing under my mother’s orders but kept writing anyway.  I kept trying to get better and finally one day I had a book I thought was good enough to send to someone who might get it published.

Of course, I’ve gotten rejected some but all of my short stories and poems that have been submitted have been published, so I can’t suck at it. lol  Most of us can’t just write.  We do it when our families are sleeping, in the dark of night and the blue beginning of the day.  We do it at work instead of eating.  We do it as the pile of laundry grows around us.  We do it because we love it, are obsessed with it and devoted to the art of creating our own worlds and characters that become real to us.

At least that’s why I do it and can’t stop.  Maybe some of your reasons are there or the same.  Maybe they’re totally different but I can’t help but believe that we all do it out of our love for the need to create and express ourselves.