castingGood morning my darklings  I was simply sitting here with my overly sweet coffee and a cigarette wondering what I should do when it came to me:  write a blog.  Today is pretty much a free day for me anyway.

My husband has gone to the ocean for the weekend so it’s just me and the kids.  He hates it when I do any kind of witchcraft but he’s not here to see it, is he?  All I have to do is my regular house work, find a few more place to query or submit my book and the witchiness is on.

There may be a nice relaxing shower in my near future to clear my head and make room for stuff to write and what spells I’d like to cast.  Some quality time with my Kindle or a copy of Fangoria if I can find either one.

The kids will, of course, want to go swimming but it’s supposed to rain and/or thunderstorm all day.  My type of day

Now the sooner I get the gumption up to get started, the sooner I can enjoy myself.  I hope you all have just as good of a day as I plan on having. 🙂