thinking fairyGood morning my darkligs.  Sorry I’ve been gone.  I was having some computer issues that had to be taken care of before I could get on-line and then when I could I’ve been submitting my butt off to catch up with what I would have been doing.

Then the most fun of all was Tuesday.  I had to have my mother come watch my kids so I could take myself to the emergency room.  I was having a bout of pancreatitis, which is really double over painful anyway, but was sparked by a new stomach pain that we were afraid was my appendix.  It wasn’t it’s gastritis that is a painful infection.  So it hurt to move at all.  I’m sure people either thought I was amusing or scary looking driving to the hospital hunched over the steering wheel.  Now I have to go see my real doctor tomorrow.  Yay me. 😛

But I can write hunched over my keyboard so things should be back to normal soon I hope.