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Burn Out

burn out fairyGood afternoon my darklings.  I know I’m late but I’ve been busy writing, cleaning and submitting.  My problem today is I think I’m suffering from submission burn out.  It’s just a fact of life that wherever you submit to is going to have different guidelines than any other place and you have to make those changes before you submit or it’s straight to the trash or the bottom of the slush pile.

I think I’ve submitted to enough places now and I’m going to have to take a break for a while.  But then there will be another publisher and since this is the dream of my life, I can’t pass up an opportunity to submit my book and give it every chance to get published.  Your book really is like your baby.  You want it to be the best it can be and give it every chance you can to make it successful.

As far as my writing goes, I haven’t burnt out on that yet.  To be honest I’d much rather be working on it than anything else right now.  Scrubbing does not even come close to writing.

So that’s my spiel for the day.  I need to take a break from submitting and work more on writing.  Who knows?  Someone might pick my book up and want a second one to go with it and I have to be ready for that.  That’s a good as an excuse as any to take a break from submissions I think.  Focus on the writing for a while and let the submissions run their courses.


Summertime Writing

summer fairyGood morning my darklings.  I hope everyone’s summer is going well and you’re getting to do all the things you want to do.  All I really want to do is keep my house from looking like a disaster area, write and maybe, if I’m feeling brave, strap on the bathing suit to go swimming with the kids.

Unfortunately the kids are the problem in this occasion.  They are destroyers of neatness and clean so everyday while they spend half of it in school, I’m starting all over with the cleaning and by the time I’m done with that my writing time is gone because they’re home and ready for the pool.  It’s an unending circle of the disaster of my house.  If I was writing about a harried housewife, I’d be getting some serious insight but unfortunately I’m not. lol

It’s very difficult to let my mind sink into my fantasy world when they’re all running around begging for the pool or a movie (one great reprieve due to Verizon) or there’s a giant mess growing around me that I know is my responsibility to get rid of.

But what do you do when all you can think of is what you’re writing?  You clean quicker, take the kids out and keep writing in your head until you can get to your computer.  You keep writing at terrible hours until your eyes burn for sleep and you start dozing at the keyboard.

I’m not sure what the rest of you do but that’s my advice.  Writing can’t be denied.  I can hold off for a while but eventually I have got to get it out before I go more insane or forget where I was going with the scene in my head.  Basically you find a way to get your summertime writing in and wait for the school year to begin again. 🙂

I Saw The Conjuring

evil witchGood morning my darklings.  I’ve told you before that I’m shy.  The thought of going out to eat or the movies, basically anywhere you would normally go with another person, is just about beyond me.  But my husband hates horror movies and refuses to go with me to see them.  I wanted to see The Conjuring so badly that I actually went by myself.

I went expecting to be really scared, hopefully terrified and ready for nightmares.  The movie was good.  It had scary parts.  The storyline was believable.  But I was let down.  I’d read and been told that it was the scariest thing people had seen.  I did not jump once while alone in the dark theatre with some really nasty stuff on a huge screen going on in front of me.

But really I guess for someone less horror movie jaded than me, I would have been really scary and like I said it was good.  And I got out of the house and away from the kids for some free time doing something I like so that alone makes the $21 I spent worthwhile. lol

And where there’s a movie like this, somewhere there’s the book and I’m sure it will be much scarier.  The Exorcist was.  That’s about where I’d rank The Conjuring, but I’m a writer not a movie critic, right? 🙂

Why I Started Writing

pirate witchGood morning darklings.  The other day a few writers I know posted about why they decided to take this path that is difficult and pretty addictive once you start doing it and it made me think about why I picked to do the same thing.

First, I have always been shy and books let me live out adventures and lives that I could never have so I always had a book with me, devoured them and got excited over a new book the way other kids got excited over a new video game.  Yes, I’m that old. lol  Then one day a book I was reading ended badly and I thought I could have written it better.  That started happening a lot.  So I got out the typewriter, yup told you I was that old, and started writing my first short story.  It was apparent that I was going to be a fantasy writer if I was going to do it at all since it was about magic and unicorns.  I was young then and girls like those things.  At least I did until I discovered vampires and real magic. 🙂

I started writing more and for as long as I can remember, all I’ve ever wanted to do was be a writer.  I started college for nursing under my mother’s orders but kept writing anyway.  I kept trying to get better and finally one day I had a book I thought was good enough to send to someone who might get it published.

Of course, I’ve gotten rejected some but all of my short stories and poems that have been submitted have been published, so I can’t suck at it. lol  Most of us can’t just write.  We do it when our families are sleeping, in the dark of night and the blue beginning of the day.  We do it at work instead of eating.  We do it as the pile of laundry grows around us.  We do it because we love it, are obsessed with it and devoted to the art of creating our own worlds and characters that become real to us.

At least that’s why I do it and can’t stop.  Maybe some of your reasons are there or the same.  Maybe they’re totally different but I can’t help but believe that we all do it out of our love for the need to create and express ourselves.

Start of the Day

sad gothic fairyGood morning my darklings.  I know that it’s Monday and that’s usually a bad thing to begin with but mine is feeling especially rough today.  My illness isn’t gone yet which means no coffee so I’m sipping on a cup of broth.  I’m also not supposed to smoke but that’s not going to happen just yet.  I should be going back to the doctor since I’m not better but I don’t know what they’ll do and I’d prefer to keep it that way.  So I’m still living on broth and rice and not much else.  And the very bad thing is I’m almost out of pain pills.  What will happen when I run all the way out and the pain that sent me to the emergency room comes all the way back?

My husband is pushing a day late from his trip to the ocean so aside from missing him, I have no help with the kids or house through this pain.  So I’m lonely and don’t feel well and what sounds best in the world right now would be a hug, a pill and my bed with my Kindle and some horror movies.  But then that sounds like a good day just about any day.


Free Day

castingGood morning my darklings  I was simply sitting here with my overly sweet coffee and a cigarette wondering what I should do when it came to me:  write a blog.  Today is pretty much a free day for me anyway.

My husband has gone to the ocean for the weekend so it’s just me and the kids.  He hates it when I do any kind of witchcraft but he’s not here to see it, is he?  All I have to do is my regular house work, find a few more place to query or submit my book and the witchiness is on.

There may be a nice relaxing shower in my near future to clear my head and make room for stuff to write and what spells I’d like to cast.  Some quality time with my Kindle or a copy of Fangoria if I can find either one.

The kids will, of course, want to go swimming but it’s supposed to rain and/or thunderstorm all day.  My type of day

Now the sooner I get the gumption up to get started, the sooner I can enjoy myself.  I hope you all have just as good of a day as I plan on having. 🙂

thinking fairyGood morning my darkligs.  Sorry I’ve been gone.  I was having some computer issues that had to be taken care of before I could get on-line and then when I could I’ve been submitting my butt off to catch up with what I would have been doing.

Then the most fun of all was Tuesday.  I had to have my mother come watch my kids so I could take myself to the emergency room.  I was having a bout of pancreatitis, which is really double over painful anyway, but was sparked by a new stomach pain that we were afraid was my appendix.  It wasn’t it’s gastritis that is a painful infection.  So it hurt to move at all.  I’m sure people either thought I was amusing or scary looking driving to the hospital hunched over the steering wheel.  Now I have to go see my real doctor tomorrow.  Yay me. 😛

But I can write hunched over my keyboard so things should be back to normal soon I hope.