kissing vampsGood morning my darklings.  Or good night, depending. 🙂  Okay, I don’t have my coffee because I was too lazy to make it and I just can’t do this.  So let me just take a minute and make a pot.  It seems to take forever when you’re waiting for coffee to brew, like a watched pot never boils.

So let me just get started.  Have you ever wondered when vampires stopped being the fear of darkness to something you sort of hope to bump into for everlasting love?  Don’t get me wrong.  A lot of what I write is on the everlasting love end of the scale.  But once they were long-fingered, domed head, pointed ears ministers of death.  That vampire would have had me hauling ass.  Give me the slightly glowing eyed vampire with the seductive voice and yeah, I’ll hang out. lol

And what about poor Wolfie?  He didn’t get much of a makeover.  He can be as hot of a human as there is but at least once a month he’s going to go furry and eat raw meat.  So what do you do in that relationship?  Keep a very detailed account of the phases of the moon and sequester yourself away when things might start getting dicey?  And I mean that literally?

The Mummy has fallen off the face of the Earth.  No makeover for him.  Once he fell off the Earth his dust particles disbanded and floated into the farthest reaches of space.

And I may be committing some form of sacrilege but if I see one more end of days zombie movie that isn’t Sean of the Dead, I may freak out.  The original Night of the Living Dead is classic so we’ll let that one stay too.

I’m not complaining.  Except about the zombies.  It makes writing easier, I think.  You can have your big, bad vamps and wolves for horror or you can go the other way and go with dark fantasy with some paranormal romance mixed in.  Either way works for me since that’s what I write.  This was just something I was thinking about when I woke up and searched desperately for a horror movie to watch.  Just in case you’re wondering,  I went with ghosts and am watching The Apparition.