gem stoneGood morning my darklings.  I have the strangest ability to attract odd people to me wherever I go.  Yesterday was no difference.

As I walked into a store a guy came right up to me and gave me the usual hey sweethearts and stuff.  Then he asked me if I believed in witches.  He was on something but I could feel his aura, which was good but sick, and thought that this couldn’t be the usual unusual encounters I get.  So I told him that yes I do believe because I am one.  That’s not something I tell everyone.  It would be like walking up to someone and saying, “Hi I’m Catholic.”

He got really excited and asked if I could put a spell on him.  I couldn’t help but laugh and ask him here in the store?  Then what kind of spell he wanted, I had to know.  Could I cast a spell on him to make him wealthy.  I told him I can’t do that, especially without all of my things.  But that I could do something to help him.

He took it very seriously as I let him hover his hand over mine and feel the warmth of two auras.  Then, looking like an idiot, I had no sage to cleanse his aura so I did my best to put extra good energy into it.  And it was over.

It was so weird.  He said thank you and left.  I hope it helped him wherever he was going.  But that was definitely the strangest encounter I’ve ever had.