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Strange Dreaming

gothic monstersGood morning all my darklings and gothlings.  I know I haven’t posted anything for a while.  I should have called myself the bipolar poster.  Either I’m blogging a lot or not at all.  Sorry about that. 🙂

So the past few nights have been full of strange dreaming for me but last night took the cake.  I dreamt that I was a monster and part of the monster world.   Have I written, read and watched so much that I’ve incorporated myself into all of it or am I looking to deeply at what’s just a dream?

It was strange after all the horror I’m into to have the feeling of being what it’s like on the other side of it.  My mind made a whole world of it.  I had a husband and we had other monster friends and I was happy but sad, if you can get that.  I was like a Frankenstein-ish zombie witch and I was powerful enough that I didn’t have to worry about other monsters.  So strange. lol  Of course I’m strange so what could I expect?

Have you wanted to be a monster?  Is it so far away from wanting to be a vampire when you’re a goth in high school?  Or the emo kids that imagine their deaths from tragic romance?  I don’t think so.  But then I was that girl in high school that waited to be turned into a vampire.  I’d take extra dark paths just to extend my chances. lol

Anyway, that’s probably enough introspection. 😉  All of this thought and it was just a dream after all, right?


You Ever Wonder

kissing vampsGood morning my darklings.  Or good night, depending. 🙂  Okay, I don’t have my coffee because I was too lazy to make it and I just can’t do this.  So let me just take a minute and make a pot.  It seems to take forever when you’re waiting for coffee to brew, like a watched pot never boils.

So let me just get started.  Have you ever wondered when vampires stopped being the fear of darkness to something you sort of hope to bump into for everlasting love?  Don’t get me wrong.  A lot of what I write is on the everlasting love end of the scale.  But once they were long-fingered, domed head, pointed ears ministers of death.  That vampire would have had me hauling ass.  Give me the slightly glowing eyed vampire with the seductive voice and yeah, I’ll hang out. lol

And what about poor Wolfie?  He didn’t get much of a makeover.  He can be as hot of a human as there is but at least once a month he’s going to go furry and eat raw meat.  So what do you do in that relationship?  Keep a very detailed account of the phases of the moon and sequester yourself away when things might start getting dicey?  And I mean that literally?

The Mummy has fallen off the face of the Earth.  No makeover for him.  Once he fell off the Earth his dust particles disbanded and floated into the farthest reaches of space.

And I may be committing some form of sacrilege but if I see one more end of days zombie movie that isn’t Sean of the Dead, I may freak out.  The original Night of the Living Dead is classic so we’ll let that one stay too.

I’m not complaining.  Except about the zombies.  It makes writing easier, I think.  You can have your big, bad vamps and wolves for horror or you can go the other way and go with dark fantasy with some paranormal romance mixed in.  Either way works for me since that’s what I write.  This was just something I was thinking about when I woke up and searched desperately for a horror movie to watch.  Just in case you’re wondering,  I went with ghosts and am watching The Apparition.

My Daughter’s Got It Too

2012-11-02_08-53-14_260 Alice as a fairyGood morning my darklings.  I’m smoking one of those e-cigarettes and it let me tell you, it’s not the same.  But I’ve made a promise and my will power has been called out, so I’ll puff on this thing and do my best to imagine it’s the real thing.

Anyway that’s not what this post is about.  This one is for my youngest daughter and my realization the other night that she is a budding book hoarder.  I wonder if it’s hereditary?

As she was helping me fold socks, she had me telling her little made up fairy tales.  Then she said, “When you say things I can see pictures in my head.”  So I asked her, “You mean you see the stories I tell you and read to you?”  She just nodded and kept sorting socks for me but I was so proud and happy.  She has me read to her all the time and won’t let me get rid of even her simplest books.  I’ve created another one of us, a book lover, an escape artist from reality, a reader.

She likes to make up stories of her own and draw pictures to go along with them.  Maybe in 15 years we can be and mother daughter writing duo.


Strange Encounter

gem stoneGood morning my darklings.  I have the strangest ability to attract odd people to me wherever I go.  Yesterday was no difference.

As I walked into a store a guy came right up to me and gave me the usual hey sweethearts and stuff.  Then he asked me if I believed in witches.  He was on something but I could feel his aura, which was good but sick, and thought that this couldn’t be the usual unusual encounters I get.  So I told him that yes I do believe because I am one.  That’s not something I tell everyone.  It would be like walking up to someone and saying, “Hi I’m Catholic.”

He got really excited and asked if I could put a spell on him.  I couldn’t help but laugh and ask him here in the store?  Then what kind of spell he wanted, I had to know.  Could I cast a spell on him to make him wealthy.  I told him I can’t do that, especially without all of my things.  But that I could do something to help him.

He took it very seriously as I let him hover his hand over mine and feel the warmth of two auras.  Then, looking like an idiot, I had no sage to cleanse his aura so I did my best to put extra good energy into it.  And it was over.

It was so weird.  He said thank you and left.  I hope it helped him wherever he was going.  But that was definitely the strangest encounter I’ve ever had.

swinging vampireGood morning my darklings.  I’ve had to add one more thing to the morning blog routine.  The puppy must go out.  But that’s okay because I have something to do while my coffee brews.  Puppy goes out and the coffee is ready to go in. 🙂

So to make a long story short, I had a an argument this weekend that disturbed me enough that absolutely no writing got done.  This is a sort of test to see if I’m ready to get going again.

I hate when I let other people affect me that way.  I have to write in chunks and spaces of time as it is.  Today I am determined to get back into my book.  If I can focus my attention there and sink down into the minds of my characters, maybe I’ll feel better.  Right now I’m watching a horror movie to get my head in the right place.  Only I would watch a horror movie to help motivate me to write at 4 in the morning. 🙂

Maybe I’ll buy a new pair of shoes after I drop the kids off.  Ponder my plot while I wander through the store looking for the perfect pair of sandals for me.  Which is harder than it sounds.  I need comfy, kind of freaky and stable enough that I won’t break an ankle. lol

That should get me right with the regular world and the writing world, I think.