solitairy witch

Good morning my beautiful darklings and witchlings.  I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee, cigarette and the fact that it is finally Friday.  Monday being a holiday has thrown me off all week.  Confusion has gotten me writing more though so I guess there’s an upside to losing a day.

That’s not what the blog is about today.  I’ve written about this before but since I love Friday’s and I love love, it’s worth writing about.  Especially when I have a new spell to give out for you to try if you want.  You know you want to know.  I’ve tried it out and it worked.  The thing is to remember that if you want to keep the spell growing or maintain it’s intensity, you’ll need to repeat the spell every New Moon.  Also keep in mind that this is a love spell so only use it on someone where the feelings are mutual, don’t force it on anyone.

So what you’ll need is a simple basic altar set up, one red candle and a lighter.  Get an image in your mind of the one you love or care for and light the candle.  Say the spell:  love is simple, love is pure, this love of ours will endure.  Make sure that you have that sent out from your heart and snuff the candle out.  I’ll tell you how to up the power of the spell if you want but remember, once a candle has been used for one thing, don’t use it for any other spell.

To amp up the spell get some rose and clear crystal quartz, and dress and bless the candle with some oil, then roll it in a mixture of cinnamon, five-finger grass, nutmeg and cloves.  Or any other assortment of herbs that deal with love that you prefer.  You could also use romance or love oil on the candle if you wanted.

So that’s my foray into the word of cupid for today.  Good luck my gothlings. 🙂