bipolar witchGood mid-morning my darklings.  That title alone strikes fear into me.  Heart hammering, breathing fast and shaking hands.  More than any horror movie I’ve seen or book I’ve read.  That’s why this post is so late today  I had a dental appointment earlier and just got home.  Of course I am at least hopped up on pain pills and that does improve my mood. 🙂

I wrote around 3 to 4 am this morning because I knew what was coming.  I don’t even have my cup of coffee because I’m so numb from Novocaine that I look like an idiot when I’m smoking a cigarette.  I can only imagine I’d end up spilling scalding hot coffee down my shirt and chest.

So I had a filling done and a tooth pulled.  The dentist didn’t want to pull the tooth because I’m getting a bridge there but I had him do it anyway.  When he ripped it from my face he told me I was right to have it pulled  The root was way too short to be used for the bridge.  It kind of reminded me of having my last baby when I was begging for a C-section.  They said I’d never had one before so there was no sense starting.  Another doctor came in to look at me and I had an emergency C-section and once again I was right.  Sometimes I’m not the playful, sarcastic girl who writes this blog.  I do witchcraft as well and sometimes you just know no matter what the experts say.

The same goes for writing.  You can receive a million rejections and just know that the book belongs to be published.  Take Stephen King who threw Carrie in the trash after so many and his wife told him to try just one more time.  One more time and look where he is now.

I’m a wishy-washy kind of person sometimes but sometimes you have to stand firm.  So if it’s a tooth, a book or having a baby, occasionally we all need to stand our ground, be firm and believe in ourselves.  If it’s important to you, be firm and don’t give up and we can all accomplish what we need, want or have to have. 🙂  I’m going to go now before the pill kicks all the way in and there are lots of typos and I start rambling even more.