masked witchGood morning my beautiful and handsome darklings.  I hope at least most of you are home, getting ready for cook outs with your families, ready to have some fun and appreciating the fact that you only have a four-day week. 🙂

I seriously doubt there will be any of that here today. My husband has to work and might get off early but that’s about it. We’re not doing anything and the kids are all home.  So I’ll be cleaning and trying to fit in some pages between fighting and laundry loads.  But even for the writers that are going out, in my experience, they’ll still be writing.

Holidays are different for some of us.  They’ll be absorbing interactions, watching and finding new ways to describe things by simple gestures of the people around them.  They’ll find new ways of describing just about everything around them, storing it all up to use later.

Or maybe that’s just me. lol  I’m sure some writers will be happy just enjoying a nice cold drink with a grilled hot dog or cheeseburger.  I’d like to be doing that myself.  But I’d still be watching while I stuffed my face and drank my cold beer.  Ah in a perfect world. 🙂

In any case, however you’re spending the day, I hope you enjoy yourself and if you manage to have something click for what you’re writing, all the better. 🙂