happywitch and ravenGood morning my gothlings.  Well, I’ve got my fresh, hot coffee and a newly lit cigarette, so I guess that means the time has come for my blog. 🙂  Don’t worry.  No complaining today.

So I’ve started the horror book and it’s moving along really well.  So far I have a chapter and a half and haven’t felt the desire to stop or the need to start over and revise anything.  We’ll see how I feel about things when I’m half way through but a good beginning is a good sign.  I think.  I hope.

If I’m doing it right the seed for the horror has been planted and all it has to do now is bloom into a novel.

Though the past few nights I’ve been completely nocturnal and that’s giving me a lot of free time to put down just what I want even if it means I don’t sleep.  Would you give up sleep for the time it takes to finish a book if you were assured publication?  Stupid question right?  I haven’t been promised anything but I’m hoping the sacrifice makes a difference somewhere I the universe.  Because in roughly two hours I’ll still have kids to get to school, laundry and housewife blah blah blah to do. lol  But we’ve got to take the words when they come to us.