gothic nursest. jude

Good morning my darklings.  Last night after talking with a friend of mine we decided that I should go with a full length horror story.  I’ve never had anything freaky or scary get rejected and right now as I wait for publishers to contact me would be an excellent time to start one.  Maybe a little more psychological and a little less Exorcist, but horror.

So I obviously had this on my mind last night as I feel asleep and it came to me.  I don’t know if it makes me weirder or not but I literally dream up stories sometimes.  I suspect all of us creative little creatures probably do.  It’s in our nature even in our sleep. 🙂

Now once again I’ll be writing two books at once.  And these are two very different genres to go along with that.  Maybe one day in the head of my vampires and one day in the head of my nurse.  She’ll be working at an insane asylum, perhaps over done but she’s not in an old one stirring up the ghosties.  This will be a working asylum with some very bad people and some very bad..things.

There’s plenty of crazy and scary things in my head to fill up a book I think.  >:) lol

Or maybe I’ll just get this horror out that’s now running around my head out and then move on to some light YA to recover.  Sometimes I scare myself when I write.  The last horror I wrote, but never subbed anywhere, scared me (the horror movie, Fangoria reading, freak girl) enough that when I wasn’t writing I shut the screen down so my kids couldn’t read it or nothing evil could slither out.

I believe that drawing too much attention from the dark brings the dark to you.  But now I want it and need it.  I’m going to use it for myself.