vamp girlwatching youGood morning my darklings.  I’ve got a new idea for a story, one that I think I can take from beginning to end without my curse of deciding that the story sucks in the middle. lol

This will be a vampire novel and these two pictures are what she will look like.  On the right will be her normally and the left will be her dressed up for a scene that’s already forming in my head.

I’m so excited to finally have that wall of writer’s block broken.  My muse has delivered and I can’t wait to get started telling this vampire’s story.

I was having just a little bit of trouble deciding between writing this as a YA or adult but I’m going to go middle of the road and write it as upper YA.  That way I won’t have to stick her in high school which I could accurately describe but deplored.  And upper YA gives you so many more people that can read your work.  Teens can read it, people in their 20’s.  Even I read YA mixed in with my horror and thrillers and non-fiction.  Maybe I’ll put her in college, I spent a little time there. lol

Of course now I have a 5 y/o who won’t stop talking and she’s taking the wind out of the sails of this post.  That’s why I write at night and while all the kids are at school.  It also explains why my housework suffers when the muse brings me something new to write. 🙂