Luke on the sofaGood morning my darklings.  How was everyone’s Saturday night.  I remember what mine used to be like but I was young and unafraid then. lol

Today isn’t going to be about writing (much) or magic.  Today is going to be about Luke, the 5 1/2 old 60 lbs Rottweiler puppy you see lounging on my sofa.  His name is Luke, as in Cool Hand Luke.  And he decides if he will respect your awthoritie. lol

You’ll have to forgive any mess you notice in my house.  I’m by far not the best housekeeper in the world.  And to be honest, for me, that looks pretty darn clean. lol

It’s kind of crazy that once people though these were Devil Dogs, doing Satan’s bidding or foretelling his arrival.  The puppy I have, when he’s not being a puppy nut-job running circles in the house or yard, is the sweetest loving teddy bear you could ever hope to come to life to be your best friend.

The only problem I have with him is he bites.  Not to hurt but puppy nibbles.  Only these nibbles are coming from a huge puppy.  Don’t let the picture fool you.  If he stretched out, he’d take up the vast majority of the sofa. lol

Once he wears himself out, he’s the best doggie buddy you can have sit beside you when you’re writing.  You get stuck and reach over and he’s sitting, or more likely laying, there waiting to get petted and give your hand a supportive lick.

So anyway, this blog is just about the love of my puppy and his support of my writing.  It’s nice to have when no one else believes you can do it.