Good morning my beloved darklings. You do knowsolitairy witch you are appreciated don’t you?  I just want to make sure because I love to know this gets read.  That maybe I helped someone or made them laugh.  And you let me bitch things out. 🙂  Writing pretty much always works things out for me.  It’s always good to let the people you care about know they’re important.

So I drew three Tarot cards before I started this.  It’s a Daily Draw, morning, afternoon and night.  I got inverted Strength for the morning.  I guess that has to do with my agreeing to do some stuff I don’t want to and cleaning my house that was clean yesterday until the kids came home, which I really don’t feel up to doing.

My afternoon card was the Tower.  It warns to get rid of bad relationships or feelings, situations that may make you fall.  I’ve got a couple of those that I’ll have to start working on.  I’m supposed to start weaning off of cigarettes today.  That alone could be it.

And finally, for the evening, I drew Justice.  Justice is blind but all knowing.  Kind but fierce in punishment.  I suppose I’ll find out what that means tonight.  I just hope her scale leans one way, the way that lets her sword fall in that direction and not mine.  Of course I’ll probably be a nasty witch today as my cigarettes lessen so I wouldn’t count on it. lol