green light witchGood morning my darklings.  I remembered my coffee this morning so I won’t have to stop right at the beginning. 🙂  Anyway, on to the blogging.

I’ve been very tentative about sending my book out but have decided that’s a bad idea.  If my dream is to be a published writer, why would I hold it back?  Do I have a fear of success?  I don’t think so because I have a whole dream beyond what happens when I’m a New York Times Bestseller. 🙂

I’ll have a house built back in the woods.  There will be a place where I can go outside to practice my witchcraft.  Behind the house will be a little stream that flows and tumbles over the rocks, its soft rushing sound mingling with the wind chimes that will from the back porch.  The tree branches will tangle together to let through just dapples of sunlight.  And when it rains there will be the gentle patter of the drops on the leaves like the scampering of tiny fairies looking for a flower to hide under to keep dry.  There will be a room just for reading so my books can come out of the basement.  And I’ve described what my writing room will look like.

None of that even has a chance to be if I don’t have the daring to keep my dream going.  And I plan on doing just that. 🙂