crying bloodGood morning my gothings.  Hold on, I forgot my coffee. lol  Ok, NOW I can start.  🙂

My morning started very early today, as if that’s surprising.  You all know what a twisted relationship sleep and I have.  But anyway, instead of trying to go back to sleep or watching re-runs, I decided to write a whole new query and synopsis for Brimstone Blues.  Those are two of my least favorite writing things to do but I’ve been down this road before so I figured I could do better than what I had.  At least I hope they’re better.  It’s hard to tell.  Everyone wants something else and I want to please them enough to keep reading after those and after the first 10 pages, fall in love with my story and give me a contract.  Ahh, the dream. 🙂

I’m re-reading the book and I’m still happy with it, thank goodness.  Re-reading is by far better than re-writing.  You have to agree with me on that one.  I ready to send my baby back out into the world.  It’s hard to do but that’s what it’s meant for.  And I can’t help the witchy feeling I get from doing this at night with the moon coming through the windows.  It gives me a good sense of possibilities.

I wonder if I can find any spells to put on emails before I push that send button. 🙂

What a precarious position we put ourselves in when we send our book babies out into the world to be judged, weighed and measured.  What if they’re found wanting?  What if it comes home with one of those rejection letters?  But what if it comes back to us with a letter of approval?  You’re either bummed or doing the Snoopy dance.

We writers are creative gamblers. lol