grave witchGood morning my darklings.  I haven’t posted in a while, I know.  But I’ve managed to be a very busy yet somehow boring girl lately. lol  I still don’t have much but I’ll tell you this picture’s story in a poem.  I love cemeteries and witchcraft so I’d love this job.

She walks the ground from yard to yard

This powerful witch that stays on guard

The ones she keeps are the ones she loves

And her flock of ravens that circle above

The mist will carry her to where there needs tending

And her task is forever, unending

The humans who see her know to look away

Or it could be their punishment to be forced to stay

In her fields full of headstones, of angels, of arches

Touching each with magic as she marches

She holds the grace of the art of the dead

Dressed in black for the occasion from toe to head

And each night when she is through

She looks at her lists that may contain you