voodooGood morning my gothlings and darklings.  I found another reason last night to not sleep.  Nightmares.  If you’re lucky, you can wake up, not remember and go back to sleep.  If you’re like me, you might be able to wake up but if you do , you usually remember.  You can hope to go back to a different dream but sometimes you go right back to where you started.  Another problem I have is a witchy one where sometimes the dreams come true.  Not always bad ones, thank goodness, but I’ve gotten into the habit of never saying them out loud.  That seems to spur them on.

Anyway this dream was about VooDoo.  I’ve never really played around with that.  To be honest, even though I know there’s a light and dark side to it like everything, it kind of scares me.  The dream was full of symbolism that isn’t hard to interpret but why VooDoo?

I was driving and lost and found myself in like a village full of practitioners.  I went into one of the houses to see what they would say about me and my future.  And with very long fingernails, the oldest woman in the house began to read my fortune with crystals and seashells.  She was telling me stuff but I couldn’t hear her.  It sounded like radio static was keeping her voice from fully getting to me.  And then my Tarot cards fell out of my bag for some reason.  She looked at them with a frown and I panicked, afraid that I’d insulted her.  Then she had to do one final thing to insure good luck  I don’t know how I know this but I do.  One of the crystals had to build a powder of blue dust from a rock she had that I would carry.  If it didn’t bad things were going to happen.  Finally, after a lot of work, she got a tiny pile of powdered blue rock.

I know that doesn’t sound scary but I left out the frightening parts and put in what is easily understandable.  I’m afraid of my future and want someone to reassure me but that’s not going to happen, not with crystals and seashells or Tarot cards.  I’m just not meant to know yet but I do have the powder of good luck that came only after a lot of hard work.  Was writing editing, waiting, leaving my agent and trying it on my own enough hard work to get the future that I want?  I guess I won’t know until the time is right.  The one bright side of the nightmare was that there was nothing in there that said I should quit.  It said it would be hard.  I knew that going in, though.  Only I would get some of the answers I need now for my dream to come true from a nightmare. 🙂