witch with computerGood morning my darklings.  My children have just about ruined my PC and they’re punished from using it for a month because they won’t stop fighting over it.  The two older ones have had some serious knock down drag outs over whose turn I was.  So the other night my husband ordered me to go buy a laptop, dismantle the PC and to never let them touch the new laptop.  Pretty lucky for me, I’ll admit.  🙂

I’ll admit that I’m having just a little trouble getting used to it though.  The keys are slightly different.  I have to make sure I press the N and the V extra well and I have no idea what to do with the webcam.  It seems I do much better with modern magic than I do with modern computers. lol

And that makes me feel old which sucks.  Especially after just turning 35.  My mind tells me that I’m much younger but technology says it’s leaving me in the dust.  I’m going to have to ask my oldest son to give me a quick tutorial of the ins and outs of this thing.

If it were something related to writing or magic, I’d have it for you in a moment.  Tell me to Skye with you and I’m not sure I could do it, though I did download it.  It’s like figuring out a new cell phone I guess.  You just gotta play with it until you figure it out.

Maybe I could put a spell on myself to learn quickly.  The most important part is that I put my work on a flash drive and transferred them to this one and I can still write.  Even if I can never do anything else, I could write.  I just have to look out for those Ns.  🙂