dressy witch

Good morning my darklings.  For those of you who took me up on a Tarot reading, I did a very small example on myself so you can kind of see what yours will look like.  You will of course get a full spread.  I only did a daily spread for myself.  It’s a drawing of three cards, one for morning, afternoon and evening.  It doesn’t look to be such a bad day for me.  But I’ll show you how your reading will come to you except you’ll get ten cards instead of three.

1. Morning.  The Sun.  The sun brings life to the world.  It’s warm glow shines prosperity and good luck.

2. Afternoon.  The World.  The world, among other things, can mean you get everything you want.  In my case I think it means I’ll feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.  It’s a heavy burden to bear.

3. Evening.  Inverted Hermit.  That means the card stands for the opposite of what it normally does.  So instead of keeping to myself like usual, I’ll be less shy and more outgoing.

Summary:  This morning should move smoothly getting the children together and off to school but the afternoon I have a lot to do so I’ll probably feel overwhelmed trying to get it all done.  After school my youngest daughter has a picnic to go to at a playground but I have to take two of my other children with us.  Normally at play dates or birthday parties, I stay to myself and let the kids have fun and watch from a distance.  But this card says that I’ll engage people in conversation and maybe allow myself to make friends with the other mothers instead of just nodding hello.

So that’s general what your spreads will look like.  Your spread will go from where you are in your life now up until the goal, which is the final card.  Writing it out makes it seem longer than when I do it in person but it’s better in the sense that you can go back to it and read over it again and use the summary and meanings to see how they affect your life.  A lot of times in person, I’m left with my head spinning and trying to remember what was said. lol