pentagram witchGood morning my darklings.  As I sit here with my coffee and cigarettes and a horror movie playing in the background, I’m wondering about OCD.  I’m sure you know what that stands for, but just in case:  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  You know people who have to have everything an exact way, can’t step on cracks or wash their hands in scalding water until the skin is raw.  I’m not that bad but I think to go along with my anxiety issues, I may have a touch.  This belief comes from the compulsive checking of emails and Submittable for progress on my book.  I cannot help or stop myself from doing it.

So the only thing I can think to do about it is to occupy my mind with other things.  I think there will be a lot of cleaning and laundry today.  Then after that some spell casting.  Wednesday is the day for writers and poets, communication and study.  I’d say writing but that leads me back to the computer and the temptation to check on things. 🙂

I have my own spells to do but unless anyone has any objections, I can try a spell for the success of our group as a whole.  I can’t assure anyone of publication; I can’t assure myself.  But our little group is a good one, cohesive and supportive, understanding and maybe just a little pissed off. lol

This will make me focused, still on writing but in a healthier way I think.  And after what we’ve been through, the time we’ve sacrificed, I’d say we’re all due a little extra oomph on agenting and publishing.  I’ll light some candles, focus, calm myself, burn some incense and read some Tarot cards.  Anyone need a reading? lol