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Friday Is About Love

solitairy witch

Good morning my beautiful darklings and witchlings.  I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee, cigarette and the fact that it is finally Friday.  Monday being a holiday has thrown me off all week.  Confusion has gotten me writing more though so I guess there’s an upside to losing a day.

That’s not what the blog is about today.  I’ve written about this before but since I love Friday’s and I love love, it’s worth writing about.  Especially when I have a new spell to give out for you to try if you want.  You know you want to know.  I’ve tried it out and it worked.  The thing is to remember that if you want to keep the spell growing or maintain it’s intensity, you’ll need to repeat the spell every New Moon.  Also keep in mind that this is a love spell so only use it on someone where the feelings are mutual, don’t force it on anyone.

So what you’ll need is a simple basic altar set up, one red candle and a lighter.  Get an image in your mind of the one you love or care for and light the candle.  Say the spell:  love is simple, love is pure, this love of ours will endure.  Make sure that you have that sent out from your heart and snuff the candle out.  I’ll tell you how to up the power of the spell if you want but remember, once a candle has been used for one thing, don’t use it for any other spell.

To amp up the spell get some rose and clear crystal quartz, and dress and bless the candle with some oil, then roll it in a mixture of cinnamon, five-finger grass, nutmeg and cloves.  Or any other assortment of herbs that deal with love that you prefer.  You could also use romance or love oil on the candle if you wanted.

So that’s my foray into the word of cupid for today.  Good luck my gothlings. 🙂


The Dentist

bipolar witchGood mid-morning my darklings.  That title alone strikes fear into me.  Heart hammering, breathing fast and shaking hands.  More than any horror movie I’ve seen or book I’ve read.  That’s why this post is so late today  I had a dental appointment earlier and just got home.  Of course I am at least hopped up on pain pills and that does improve my mood. 🙂

I wrote around 3 to 4 am this morning because I knew what was coming.  I don’t even have my cup of coffee because I’m so numb from Novocaine that I look like an idiot when I’m smoking a cigarette.  I can only imagine I’d end up spilling scalding hot coffee down my shirt and chest.

So I had a filling done and a tooth pulled.  The dentist didn’t want to pull the tooth because I’m getting a bridge there but I had him do it anyway.  When he ripped it from my face he told me I was right to have it pulled  The root was way too short to be used for the bridge.  It kind of reminded me of having my last baby when I was begging for a C-section.  They said I’d never had one before so there was no sense starting.  Another doctor came in to look at me and I had an emergency C-section and once again I was right.  Sometimes I’m not the playful, sarcastic girl who writes this blog.  I do witchcraft as well and sometimes you just know no matter what the experts say.

The same goes for writing.  You can receive a million rejections and just know that the book belongs to be published.  Take Stephen King who threw Carrie in the trash after so many and his wife told him to try just one more time.  One more time and look where he is now.

I’m a wishy-washy kind of person sometimes but sometimes you have to stand firm.  So if it’s a tooth, a book or having a baby, occasionally we all need to stand our ground, be firm and believe in ourselves.  If it’s important to you, be firm and don’t give up and we can all accomplish what we need, want or have to have. 🙂  I’m going to go now before the pill kicks all the way in and there are lots of typos and I start rambling even more.

masked witchGood morning my beautiful and handsome darklings.  I hope at least most of you are home, getting ready for cook outs with your families, ready to have some fun and appreciating the fact that you only have a four-day week. 🙂

I seriously doubt there will be any of that here today. My husband has to work and might get off early but that’s about it. We’re not doing anything and the kids are all home.  So I’ll be cleaning and trying to fit in some pages between fighting and laundry loads.  But even for the writers that are going out, in my experience, they’ll still be writing.

Holidays are different for some of us.  They’ll be absorbing interactions, watching and finding new ways to describe things by simple gestures of the people around them.  They’ll find new ways of describing just about everything around them, storing it all up to use later.

Or maybe that’s just me. lol  I’m sure some writers will be happy just enjoying a nice cold drink with a grilled hot dog or cheeseburger.  I’d like to be doing that myself.  But I’d still be watching while I stuffed my face and drank my cold beer.  Ah in a perfect world. 🙂

In any case, however you’re spending the day, I hope you enjoy yourself and if you manage to have something click for what you’re writing, all the better. 🙂

What Do You Need?

thinking fairyGood morning my darklings.  I was sitting here with the things you know I have with me and noticed I only have to have the cigarettes and coffee when I do the blogs.  I write all the time and all I need are the cigarettes, a place to do it and some version of quiet  Because real quiet doesn’t happen here. lol  Even with writing in the middle of the night, the puppy sometimes gets feisty and bites at my feet.  Same if I’m trying to draw or paint.

I could be like one of those Bingo ladies who has a bunch of lucky charms like lighters and those trolls with the fuzzy hair. lol  But I do have to the things I named.

But it made me wonder if other writers or artists had things they needed or can they create anywhere?  I know the ideas and images can come anywhere anytime and don’t care how close you are to what you need to create them.  But I hold it in until I’m home to get it out.

I guess everyone’s different and in the end it doesn’t really matter because the creation is the important part.  It’s what makes us who we are and is so addictably good feeling. 🙂

These are just a couple of thoughts I was having while I was writing.

Progress Happens

happywitch and ravenGood morning my gothlings.  Well, I’ve got my fresh, hot coffee and a newly lit cigarette, so I guess that means the time has come for my blog. 🙂  Don’t worry.  No complaining today.

So I’ve started the horror book and it’s moving along really well.  So far I have a chapter and a half and haven’t felt the desire to stop or the need to start over and revise anything.  We’ll see how I feel about things when I’m half way through but a good beginning is a good sign.  I think.  I hope.

If I’m doing it right the seed for the horror has been planted and all it has to do now is bloom into a novel.

Though the past few nights I’ve been completely nocturnal and that’s giving me a lot of free time to put down just what I want even if it means I don’t sleep.  Would you give up sleep for the time it takes to finish a book if you were assured publication?  Stupid question right?  I haven’t been promised anything but I’m hoping the sacrifice makes a difference somewhere I the universe.  Because in roughly two hours I’ll still have kids to get to school, laundry and housewife blah blah blah to do. lol  But we’ve got to take the words when they come to us.


I’m Doing It Again

gothic nursest. jude

Good morning my darklings.  Last night after talking with a friend of mine we decided that I should go with a full length horror story.  I’ve never had anything freaky or scary get rejected and right now as I wait for publishers to contact me would be an excellent time to start one.  Maybe a little more psychological and a little less Exorcist, but horror.

So I obviously had this on my mind last night as I feel asleep and it came to me.  I don’t know if it makes me weirder or not but I literally dream up stories sometimes.  I suspect all of us creative little creatures probably do.  It’s in our nature even in our sleep. 🙂

Now once again I’ll be writing two books at once.  And these are two very different genres to go along with that.  Maybe one day in the head of my vampires and one day in the head of my nurse.  She’ll be working at an insane asylum, perhaps over done but she’s not in an old one stirring up the ghosties.  This will be a working asylum with some very bad people and some very bad..things.

There’s plenty of crazy and scary things in my head to fill up a book I think.  >:) lol

Or maybe I’ll just get this horror out that’s now running around my head out and then move on to some light YA to recover.  Sometimes I scare myself when I write.  The last horror I wrote, but never subbed anywhere, scared me (the horror movie, Fangoria reading, freak girl) enough that when I wasn’t writing I shut the screen down so my kids couldn’t read it or nothing evil could slither out.

I believe that drawing too much attention from the dark brings the dark to you.  But now I want it and need it.  I’m going to use it for myself.

Brand New Idea

vamp girlwatching youGood morning my darklings.  I’ve got a new idea for a story, one that I think I can take from beginning to end without my curse of deciding that the story sucks in the middle. lol

This will be a vampire novel and these two pictures are what she will look like.  On the right will be her normally and the left will be her dressed up for a scene that’s already forming in my head.

I’m so excited to finally have that wall of writer’s block broken.  My muse has delivered and I can’t wait to get started telling this vampire’s story.

I was having just a little bit of trouble deciding between writing this as a YA or adult but I’m going to go middle of the road and write it as upper YA.  That way I won’t have to stick her in high school which I could accurately describe but deplored.  And upper YA gives you so many more people that can read your work.  Teens can read it, people in their 20’s.  Even I read YA mixed in with my horror and thrillers and non-fiction.  Maybe I’ll put her in college, I spent a little time there. lol

Of course now I have a 5 y/o who won’t stop talking and she’s taking the wind out of the sails of this post.  That’s why I write at night and while all the kids are at school.  It also explains why my housework suffers when the muse brings me something new to write. 🙂



My Puppy

Luke on the sofaGood morning my darklings.  How was everyone’s Saturday night.  I remember what mine used to be like but I was young and unafraid then. lol

Today isn’t going to be about writing (much) or magic.  Today is going to be about Luke, the 5 1/2 old 60 lbs Rottweiler puppy you see lounging on my sofa.  His name is Luke, as in Cool Hand Luke.  And he decides if he will respect your awthoritie. lol

You’ll have to forgive any mess you notice in my house.  I’m by far not the best housekeeper in the world.  And to be honest, for me, that looks pretty darn clean. lol

It’s kind of crazy that once people though these were Devil Dogs, doing Satan’s bidding or foretelling his arrival.  The puppy I have, when he’s not being a puppy nut-job running circles in the house or yard, is the sweetest loving teddy bear you could ever hope to come to life to be your best friend.

The only problem I have with him is he bites.  Not to hurt but puppy nibbles.  Only these nibbles are coming from a huge puppy.  Don’t let the picture fool you.  If he stretched out, he’d take up the vast majority of the sofa. lol

Once he wears himself out, he’s the best doggie buddy you can have sit beside you when you’re writing.  You get stuck and reach over and he’s sitting, or more likely laying, there waiting to get petted and give your hand a supportive lick.

So anyway, this blog is just about the love of my puppy and his support of my writing.  It’s nice to have when no one else believes you can do it.

Good morning my beloved darklings. You do knowsolitairy witch you are appreciated don’t you?  I just want to make sure because I love to know this gets read.  That maybe I helped someone or made them laugh.  And you let me bitch things out. 🙂  Writing pretty much always works things out for me.  It’s always good to let the people you care about know they’re important.

So I drew three Tarot cards before I started this.  It’s a Daily Draw, morning, afternoon and night.  I got inverted Strength for the morning.  I guess that has to do with my agreeing to do some stuff I don’t want to and cleaning my house that was clean yesterday until the kids came home, which I really don’t feel up to doing.

My afternoon card was the Tower.  It warns to get rid of bad relationships or feelings, situations that may make you fall.  I’ve got a couple of those that I’ll have to start working on.  I’m supposed to start weaning off of cigarettes today.  That alone could be it.

And finally, for the evening, I drew Justice.  Justice is blind but all knowing.  Kind but fierce in punishment.  I suppose I’ll find out what that means tonight.  I just hope her scale leans one way, the way that lets her sword fall in that direction and not mine.  Of course I’ll probably be a nasty witch today as my cigarettes lessen so I wouldn’t count on it. lol

Magic Attraction

into the lightGood morning my darklings.  I’ve just returned from the store with a fresh pack of cigarettes and hot cup of coffee.  Oh and some Hot Fries for my son who seems to have the same sleeping disorder and love of spicy food as I do. lol

What I could really go for is some pain pills for the pancreatitis that I have  Again.  I don’t have that kid of magic.  What I do seem to have is magic that attracts ghosts when I cast spells.

It’s been a while since I cast anything and I haven’t had any problems.  But lately I’ve done a few here and there and now I’m seeing them again.  Just the quick glimpses you see out of the corner of your eye that you could tell yourself is something else, but I know better.

The thing is that that’s not supposed to happen.  So why is it?  It never happened before, so why now?  Is it that I’m going for bigger stronger spells?  Do I need to smudge again?  Is my circle of protection not strong enough?

I guess until I figure it out, I might as well stick to writing for a while.  That’s what I’m supposed to be doing anyway.  But for those of you who I promised Tarot readings, don’t worry, you’ll still get them. 🙂