edgar poeGood morning my darklings.  I have received a sign that I have done the right thing and am on the right track.  It may sound silly or simple but I telling you the whole story behind it anyway. 🙂 Edgar Allan Poe is my writing soul mate.  He’s dark and mysterious.  He’s buried here in Baltimore.  I was the only 6th grader devouring compilations of his writing and that may be where my weird girl title first came from. lol In so many ways that are too many for me to go into, he pops into my life at the most unexpected moments and the strangest ways. So yesterday I was at the grocery store in the check out line and that’s when I got my sign.  The man in front of me had a tattoo that took up his complete forearm of Edgar and looked very similar to the picture in this post.  There he was again, popping into my life just when I needed him. I was unsure and anxious, wondering about my writing career and he shows up on the forearm of a complete stranger. lol This is one of those sleepless nights for me and I decided to use the time researching agents and publishers.  I found one that I liked and, after a few changes, I submitted my book.  I wish I could say that the sign meant my book was going to be accepted but I’m going to have to play the wait and see game just like every other writer trying to make it out there in this business.  But I knew that I had made the right decisions and it was time to start moving forward again.  Let’s hope for publication. 🙂