angel with swordGood morning my darklings.  This weekend has been a busy one.  It was my birthday yesterday and for those of you who wished me a good one, even with pictures of clowns (Carrie lol), thank you.

There have been some big changes for a Taurus like me who doesn’t like change.  One, I turned 35 which for some reason seems to be like entering another era of my life.  Not bad, just…different from the others.  A sign maybe.  The other big change is I’ve cut from my agent.  That’s very scary as she’s has the only original copy of my first book and that’s got to be shopped around.  But it’s also kind of freeing.  Once I get it back, my book will be solely mine again.

I can try to find a new agent.  Or approach a publisher myself.  Or I could try to self e-publish it.  But the important thing is that it will be home where I can learn to love it again instead of it being this stagnant creation that sat around not doing much of anything except make me doubt myself and my creativity.  But while waiting, I did get myself published 12 times in magazines and anthologies, so I can’t suck, right? lol

So now is the start of a big journey for me.  Finding out day by day what 35 has in store for me.  Hopefully mostly good things. 🙂  And aside from my book, trying something new.  I started writing poetry before I wrote a book, but my first idea was to compile the poems into one book and call it Poems For The Darker Soul.  Because you know my poetry has to be just this side of morbid. lol  So maybe I’ll give that a try to.  And I’m going to continue to write my short horror but now I could possibly write a novel length horror.

I thought not having an agent would be scary and it is a little but I’m going to try and look on the bright side.  I have people to help and back me up.  And I still believe my book is worthy of publishing.  It’s just my job to get it done now.