mistakess witchGood morning darklings.  I got everything that I was supposed to do yesterday done.  I know, it surprised me too.  But there’s still a list of things I need to do here and since I’m not sleeping tonight, I guess I’ll get started on what I can do now.  And that way if my mom needs me again on Friday, and she really did need me more than I thought she did yesterday, I’ll be free to go without home chores hanging over my head.

I’m taking a break now to have a cup of coffee and cigarette and of course write to you my darling darklings, just in case I don’t get a chance to blog later.

And I have a plan of attack.  Something I don’t usually have.  I’ll rent a nice horror movie, do what I can while everyone is sleeping and then I’ll have to stop when it’s time to get everyone ready for school.  But what I’m doing now will make up the time it will take for me to do the other cleansing I’ve been trying to get to all week and cleanse my own aura before getting back to what needs to be done.  I might even get the nice, calm birthday I want on Saturday.  As long as I can keep my kids from destroying what I’m trying to do.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll find some time to write in all of this.  Finish the book I’ve been reading for what seems like forever and get a copy of my very dear friend’s new book that came out yesterday.  If you read this, I suggest you get a copy of Malcolm Archibald’s new book.  It’s not the genre that I normally read but somehow (talent) he manages to suck me into his books.

I hope this works out.  I really want to be done and be able to do what I want for a little while, except for taking care of my mother.  That’s a responsibility that doesn’t go away.  Not that I mind.  So the laundry machine just buzzed and that means my free time is up and I have to bring this to a close.  Have a good day darklings.  Love ya. 🙂