doorway witch and wolfGood morning my darklings.  I have a day so jammed packed with lots to do that I have no idea how I’m going to get it all done.  I wish I knew a spell to double myself since I have to be in two places at basically the same time.  My mother is sick and I have to take care of her but I also need to really clean my house since there’s a three-fold birthday party here Saturday.  Yes it will take me that long to get the house really clean. lol

Writing or anything to do with it is  out for the day.  All the smudging and happy house witchcraft is out.  But my mother usually takes care of my grandmother and can’t so it’ll be me taking care of both of them for half of the day and the other half will be at my house, cleaning as much as I can until it’s time pick up the kids.  Then it’s your normal (as I get) homework, dinner and baths.

How will I get this all done?  I don’t know.  perseverance, I guess.  Determination to get it done.  I mean, one of the birthdays is mine and I don’t want to spend it cleaning the house before people show up.  I want to be able to chill, write my blog and maybe some other stuff and read until it’s time.  Plus the more I get done here today and tomorrow, the better my chances my husband won’t throw a fit that out house is messy when we have people coming and I’ve been spending all my time at my mom’s house. lol

So wish me luck darkings.  There’s a lot to be done after I drop the kids at school and I am a procrastinator at heart. 🙂