another kid fairyGood morning my darklings.  I spent last night, for two whole hours, at one of my daughter’s friend’s birthday parties.  Now you know that is not my thing.  It was at a place called Bounce Around or something like that.  It was full of huge, different types of moon bounces and inflatable, mountainous slides and obstacle courses.  Blaring music from boy bands, flashing lights in the dark and another room was a black light.

I’m a keep to myself kind of person in those situations so it was basically walking around making sure I could always find my daughter and no one slammed into her.  I was on guard duty.  In the dark.  But despite all of that, birthday parties are important for kids and they did all have a great time.  And I’ll admit that I kinda wanted to get in the moon bounce, too. lol  And I, of all people, would never deny anyone a wish.

Could I have done without the screaming kids?  The other adults on guard duty?  Yes.  But it’s all in good fun right?  I did like the bubble machine. 🙂  I wonder if there are goth kiddie parties? lol  Maybe that should be left to the adults. 🙂