eclipsetriple goddess drawingGood morning my darklings.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Two days before my birthday is a lunar eclipse.  I know what it means is a witchy way but I can’t help but feel that maybe since my luck has been running so badly that maybe this is a coincidence in the universe.

First, let me explain the eclipse.  It isn’t so much different from a full or a new moon but you have to take in consideration that during the eclipse, you’ll be dealing with all aspects of the Goddess, maiden, mother and Crone at once.  So you have to be very precise.  Make sure your aura is cleansed by spending a little time in the sun or another cleansing ritual like a cleansing bath.  All of your tools should be cleansed, dressed and blessed and you have got to be very focused on what it is you’re doing.  I may dress everything, including myself, with success and sorceress oils just to be sure.  Cast a circle, call the elements and maybe write your spell down so there’s no missteps in you casting.

I need to sort out my head a little before I decide which spell I’m doing.  Odds are there is no deeper meaning.  It isn’t as if it’s on my actual birthday, just close.  But that voice in my head says that this is at least an opportunity that I can’t pass up on.  I think I’ll start with cleansing the house again today and maybe an extra cleansing in the room I work in.  A white votive candle in salt and a heat proof container can do that for a room.  Then it might be time to read the Cards and see if they have anything relevent to say besides “don’t F this up, Krista”. lol  And that should help me with my decision.  Right now I’m leaning towards a precisely written wish spell. 🙂

So there’s a little lesson on lunar eclipses, I guess even though it’s more about me.  Sorry. :S  So how will you be spending the eclipse?  Watching it if you can?  Watching TV because you show is on?  Or are you going to find peace in yourself and cast a spell?  I think you know what I’ll be doing. 🙂