in the rainGood morning my darklings.  It is such a nice morning.  Naturally I have my coffee and cigarette but I’m also listening to my wind chimes blowing in the gentle breeze of a rain shower.  I’ve opened the window beside me and the curtains are billowing softly like little waves.  Birds are chirping already.  I’ve always loved being able to open the windows during a spring rain after everything being so closed during the winter.

I really believe the quote on the umbrella over there.  I’ve never danced in the rain but I’ve played in it and been kissed in it and I love the rain.  Last night there were thunderstorms and my kids and I sat on the front porch watching the lightning burst in the sky and listening to thunder so strong that it rattled the windows of the house.  One of my daughters wanted to play in it and I thought about letting her.  There’s no better first rain to play in than a spring rain, I think. 🙂

There’s something about a thunderstorm that just makes you feel more witchy.  Maybe it’s the power.  Maybe it’s the way it stirs the muses for me and make me feel inspired.  Maybe it’s how a storm can make you feel so small that it calls to me to be more.  Maybe I’m a weirdo with a rain fetish.  Who knows? lol

I know there can be just as much beauty in a sunrise or set.  Or the stretch of dark skies sprinkled with dancing stars and no city lights.  But for me, it’s the rain and I just wanted to share that for some reason.  Maybe the next rainy day can be a happy inspiring one for someone else who reads this. 🙂