Good morning my darklings.  My husband wants me to quit smoking.  Which may seem easy to someone who’s never smoked before but if you’re a smoker, it’s not.  I’ve read it as hard a quitting heroin.  I’m smoking right now as I type.  Sitting at the computer and writing is pretty intrinsic with smoking.  He says I’m killing myself.  It’s not like I don’t know.  What bad is that I have quit smoking before and gone back to doing it.  While I was pregnant I never smoked so for a period of almost seven years I didn’t do it.  Why I picked it back up again I’ll never know.  But I will admit to having a highly addictive personality.

I do know a spell for breaking addiction but it takes seven days to do.  I need something immediate.  E-cigarettes are okay but it really isn’t the same thing.  Maybe if I do a cleansing on myself it would help.  You know clear away my bad stuff.  The problem is that although I know it’s bad for me, I like to smoke.  So that’s it for today, I guess.  Any tips anyone might have that help would be greatly welcomed. 🙂