fairy with glassesGood morning my darklings.  I have for you today a warning.  Do not, and I mean never ever, attempt the Department of Motor Vehicles anywhere near lunch time.  It’s a nightmare scape of pissed off people who’ve been waiting for hours and workers sneaking away from their desks for lunch trying to avoid the eye daggers from those waiting.  But we’ll get back to that.

The good news is I’m now legally driving. 🙂  I cannot drive without glasses and now I have a nice new pair of regular glasses and a pair of sunglasses.  It only cost a few hundred dollars!  That was my casual sarcasm I referred to yesterday. 🙂  I saw the doctor and got the glasses quickly enough.  And after handing over a bunch of fifty dollar bills while feeling slightly ill doing it, I thought, all that leaves is renewing my license and I will have actually accomplished everything I said I’d do today.

I stupidly ignored the time and drove, with my new sunglasses, to the DMV.  I should have known better when I had to park in the extra parking lot but I’d gotten that far, I was going to get it all over with.  So I walked the half mile to the building and walked in, at first welcomed by the air conditioning and then shocked at the lines and the seats so full of people I wondered where I’d go to not have to sit directly next to a stranger.  I have a body space issue and don’t really like being to close to most people.

First you have to wait in the information line that literally wrapped around itself in length.  So I waited, got my number and was severely disenheartened by the number 121 on it.  Luckily I found a spot to sit and wait in purgatory.  It was kind of eerie, as I looked around, how everyone had their heads down playing with cell phones or I-whatevers with ear buds in only glancing up when  a number was called and then looking back down in disgust.  I was just as bad with my Kindle stuffed in my purse.

I did see one cool thing.  I love Alice In Wonderland and my good writer friend Carrie sent me some gothy, scary figurines, one of them being the Cheshire Cat and there was a lady there with the exact tattoo on her arm.  I almost said something to her, but she was just beginning her journey in the info line and didn’t look very happy so I just sat there.

The closer they got to my number, I actually started to get excited and when it was called it felt like I’d been chosen to leave purgatory for freedom.  It took about five minutes and I bolted out of there, new, still warmly laminated license in hand.  I checked them time and was surprised that it had only taken forever to accomplish my tasks.  I’m not kidding.  It took all day to do those three things and I was going to get home right about to collect the kids.

So you’ve been warned, darklings.  I don’t recommend the timing but it can be done.  Just make sure to bring your cell, I-whatever and/or your Kindle.